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Love never dies. There is no greater gift than the time you spend connecting with your departed loved ones. A session on mediumship opens the heart to promote healing and a new belief that you are never alone. Validating feelings, places, heart held secrets are the only way to a believing mind and heart. Your loved ones are usually so excited to connect with you many times arrive hours before your scheduled appointment! It is truly my pleasure to bring you together again if only for a brief moment in time. Please note this session is 30 min. in length. 

Validation from Julie:

Kimla gave me peace of mind when I needed it the most. After loosing my only child in a car crash at the age of fifteen, I was out of control with grief and anger. I will never forget how she held my hand and gave me the message that Danielle was okay. She told me things that not one person in the world would know. These things have given me the comfort to go on. Kimla is the real deal! Her kind and loving delivery of the messages from my Danielle have changed my life from total chaos, to living in peace. Thank you Kimla from the depths of my heart. J.M. NSB FL.




30 min. Mediumship Session



    * Session, Services, and Readings by Kimla Lowe are non-refundable and may be rescheduled once. Kimla Lowe is not responsible for any and all results from any of the services she provides. Timelines, dates, names, and results may vary. You are responsible for any purchase required and acknowledge this as entertainment only. 

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