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Kimla Lowe

Kimla Lowe, is an International Best Selling Author, Intuitive Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Feng Shui Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader, and Light Resonance Healer. Homes Sales, Home Staging, and Sacred Homes have been an added passion by way of Lowe Team Realty - KW Realty Lake Travis. She refers to herself as an "energy worker." Her Master's degree is in Metaphysical Counseling from the University of Sedona. Radio Show Host, Teacher, and Speaker she has shared her sacred knowledge for more than 40 years. 

Intuitive since childhood she has ventured into many areas and studied with Chinese Masters, worked in Photography, Travel, Interior Design, Home Building and Real Estate. Her intention is to uplift, empower, and inspire wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Her wisdom will gently guide you and her intuition will astound you. Her amazing insight is immeasurable as many of her clients, like myself, will attest to. She has gained knowledge from many life-altering and challenging experiences. Generously she shares her compassion, tools, and skills for triumphant outcomes. Fun-loving, warm and humorous, Kimla, while answering your questions, will have you feeling like she is an old friend you want to spend more time with.

certified in Mediumship while studying in France, she told me her greatest gift is contacting loved ones on the other side so the heart can begin to heal. She knows you are never alone and you are helped by angels, guides, and loved ones that have passed over. 

Her certifications in Chinese and Western Astrology informs you of your timeline, the Cosmic weather, information about yourself and the people around you. More importantly, you can find out the Universal tides when to push outwardly and when to build internally. Everyone can use these Universal truths and timing to continue with your souls journey or guide your loved ones. 

 My family and friends have heard me speak so often about her accurate advice that they are also convinced there is unseen energy. All I can say is I'm grateful every day for what I have learned and created from our time together throughout the years and how lucky I am to be able to finally give a bit back to her. Many thanks, Kimla!

A.K. ~ Florida

Dearest A.K:

So very kind of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Star blessings. A.K.

Love and Peace,



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