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Kimla Lowe

International Best-Selling Author, Metaphysical Counselor, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Feng Shui Consultant, Radio Show Host, and Home Sales.

Welcome! Wherever you are on your spiritual journey I'm here to help and assist.

Sometimes we need to gain clarity and help navigate the path we are living.

It helps to know which direction to focus our daily energy on and to create a healthy timeline to accomplish our goals.

Healing and dissolving trauma can ease the struggle by removing these obstacles to see a brighter, lighter future ahead.

We all need an uplifting session to get you back on track. Restoring your faith, determination and love is just the beginning!

You can feel happiness, joy, and peace!

Looking forward to our time together ~ Kimla 

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Sending you lots of LOVE and Gratitude. Referrals are appreciated.

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I have had the good fortune to work with KL since 2005 when we first partnered on Feng Shui for my business. She visited both my home and business, charting the locations to prepare recommendations to enhance my life and my business. For over 15 years, KL has guided me through good times and bad and helped me immensely. She really cares about her clients and becomes a strategic partner in your life. Recently, I was faced with a challenge in my office space and through video and the phone (during Covid), KL made recommendations to change our environment, our energy, and our lives. She suggested changes to our building layout and structure which were easy and affordable to implement and have paid off in great energy and financial dividends. As we have gone through our busiest season of the year with our new layout, we have stayed on schedule, minimized our stress level, and created beautiful products. Everyone who comes into our building comments on the changes, and we have enjoyed seeing the energy shift we feel in our vendors and customers alike.

I am so grateful to have found KL and have her in my life. Making decisions and navigating through life and business is challenging and it’s a great feeling to know you have such a talented and spiritual partner on the journey.

The Monogram Merchant

1322 N. Mills Ave

Orlando, FL. 32803


***Free Natal Horoscope charts available. Email your day, month, year, time, and location of birth to:

[email protected] 

Kimla is incredible! She has a lovely energy and is very upbeat. My guests absolutely adored her. We extended her time by an hour but so so many people wanted to see her we just ran out of time. All our friends are now just begging us to have her back for our annual Fourth of July party. We will probably do it!!! -Holly S, Round Rock, TX

Kimla was absolutely amazing! She really listened to our guests and gave each one special attention, everyone was very impressed with her. She even stayed a little longer when more guests wanted to see her. -Erica H, Austin, TX

Kimla really was a fantastic addition to my birthday brunch. Everyone loved their readings and she was a total and complete hit. I highly recommend her for a unique experience for any type of event. -Melinda P, Austin, TX

We had an exceptional experience with Kimla! She is truly gifted! She was booked for a ladies night birthday party as just a fun experience for all. We really didn’t expect more than that but with each lady’s reading we were becoming more intrigued at her accuracy and insight. All in all, we had a wonderful time! -Tara S, Gilbert, AZ

Kimla was a crowd pleaser. I was hosting an all female holiday party and thought it would be fun to have a fortune teller. Kimla is attentive to details, is very intuned with the person she speaks with and was loved by everyone. I extented her services for an other hour. She is a professional and presents herself very well. I would hire her again! -Pascale M, Phoenix, AZ

Fantastic -Steve l, Scottsdale, AZ

All the reviews are true! Kimla was great and the guests at our Grand Re-Opening event couldn't say enough good things about her! She came in full costume as I requested and was very pleasant. Although skeptical, most of us were amazed about the things she said without us divulging any information! -Olivia C, Scottsdale, AZ