Kimla Lowe 
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where intention goes energy flows


Let me assist you in finding your sacred space. By working with your personal directions, best dates, elements and intentions you can live in the most auspicious home or business space designed for abundance and success! Email me for more information:

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Do you need a clearing and a Feng Shui consultation on your home or office space? Are you sleeping in the right direction? How can you use your home to boost financial independence? What bedrooms are appropriate for your children? How can your kitchen boost your longevity? Book a Feng Shui Session now at a special Spring Rate. Click on Selection of Services for all details. 

June Feng Shui Tip: The children may be out of school for the summer. Beware of arguing doors, especially in the bedroom area. When two doors are placed directly opposite each other it increases the irritability between inhabitants. To cure the arguing and negative energy hang a crystal in-between the rooms in the hallway. This will break up and dissolve any confronting attitudes. 

2019 - The Year of the Pig. Will this Year of the Pig bring financial abundance into your life? What months will you have to protect your health? When is a good time to sell, move or end a position of employment? What are the best dates to travel? Click on Selection of Service to choose a time slot for a Feng Shui Year of the Pig Personal Session. 

Feng Shui Tip for May 2019:

Roosters rule the Kitchen. Place a Rooster there to protect you and yours while cooking and dining. Also place a Rooster behind you when at work as they will protect you from any gossip or back stabbing. Roosters bring positive CHI wherever they are displayed!