Kimla Lowe 
Metaphysical Counselor, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Feng Shui Consultant, Author and Home Sales

where intention goes energy flows

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Let me assist you in finding your sacred space. anywhere on the planet. By working with your personal directions, best dates, elements and intentions you can live in the most auspicious home or business space personally designed for abundance and success! Email me for more information:

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Do you need a space clearing and a Feng Shui consultation on your home or office space? Are you sleeping or working in the right direction? How can you use your home to boost financial independence? What colors and bedroom locations are appropriate for your children? How can your kitchen boost your longevity? Book a Feng Shui Session now at "Selection of Services".


Use the Rooster to guide and protect you. The Rooster rules the kitchen in Feng Shui. It will dissolve any negativity while cooking or eating there. Do you experience arguing while sitting at the kitchen table? The Rooster will see to it to calm the atmosphere and enjoy more family time. Place the Rooster behind you at work to resolve deep issues and protect against co-workers talking behind your back and negate the appearance of slander in the workplace. Paintings or statue works best. 


How can you increase your abundance and financial freedom by using the element of water in home or office place? Keeping any water related photos or artwork out of your bedroom space will help to avoid financial liquidation. By placing a water feature outside of your front door . Only place on the righthand side of the door when walking into your home. 

Choose a water feature that the water bubbles up and not cascading away from the home.