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Dolores Cannon was the founder of QHHT a deep type of hypnosis and research of the past and future. She was an author, speaker and teacher. Comfortable in her skin, she was such a down to earth person. you'd never guess her line of work. If you have not had the mind blowing pleasure of reading her many years of research ...Run Don't Walk... to and order a handful of books now. 

The book I'm rereading through this Covid-19 isolation period is the book entitled "The Convoluted Universe" In this book, while her clients are under hypnosis she explores many past lives and a few of them were having to deal with devastation of Atlantis. She questioned and probed to get the bits and pieces of historic information. 

This Atlantean civilization existed at a higher frequency. They knew how to time travel, move massive stones with light and sound, heal and treat the human form with the use of crystals, and so many other things. The people of Atlantis lived for hundreds of years. That was quite normal. The DNA experiments that I'm certain seemed innocent at first was their downfall. Mixing animal and human DNA for different reasons brought these experiments under mass scrutiny. Of course they were held in secret locations and only the productive and successful turnouts were unveiled to the public. For example, servants with mixed DNA like a centaur, half horse, half man. But once they discovered during these certain experiments, a huge energy misalignment brought the possibility of a pandemic disease ridden bacteria potent enough to wipe out humanity existed. They knew they had reached to "no fly zone." By keeping this information from the public they made the choice to discontinue that particular avenue of experiments. But not after many diseases were exposed and contracted. 

So in my mind I'm just thinking history repeats itself. Being an astrologer I see this in the archives of past formation of stars and compare it to the chaotic trends that surround us now. Are they mixing up the DNA in closed door experiments that is unleashing these flu epidemics? Look closely at the last 150 years. Every Flu name you can imagine has been tracked across the radar. This one is so different? Shaking my head at all the gullible people willingly handing over their DNA to know their best diet, where they came from and if they have pre-existing heredity conditions. All this free DNA goes to where exactly? How long do they hold on to it? Are they cloning and star breeding at some off planet site? I shudder to think everyone came from England or Africa. Funny how not a word is written about where DNA really came from - like the stars! If these experiments can produce a combustion of deadly viruses, it needs to be stopped. NOW, before history repeats itself and the world of humanity suffers again a wipeout and a reseeding from other planets. 

Wake up! Take control - this is bigger than masks and washing your hands. This can change our Solar System, the Universe, Galaxies and beyond. ASK QUESTIONS. Your DNA is sacred - don't give it away. Shots, drugs and other recommended injectables may warp your DNA.

Sit and think about it. 

You can read it for yourself - make a friend in Dolores Cannon.