Kimla Lowe 
Metaphysical Counselor, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Feng Shui Consultant, Author and Home Sales

where intention goes energy flows

K~Lowe Club  

Astrology 101 - Six Private Classes are ongoing for eager to learn Astrology students. Structured for your schedule and using your personal natal birth chart as class study. 

Learn the secrets of the planets, zodiac signs, the houses of the charts, predictive aspects and your life's purpose. Informative and life changing this fun experience is a must for understanding the gift of the Cosmos. 

                                             Meditation Circle - Secrets Golf and Spa Resort Maya Mujeres Can              

                                             Cun Mexico May 20-23. 2019. K~Lowe Club meditation for break 

                                             throughs to higher frequencies. Contact Kimla for details.