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                                               AUGUST 2019
                                                Happy Summer

                                                Happy Birthday 

                                                Leo and Virgo

August 11 - Mercury enters Leo

August 15 - The Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius at 22 degrees  

             Feast of the Assumption of Mary ( Catholic) 

August 17 - Mars enters Virgo

August 21 - Venus enters Virgo 

August 23 - Sun enters Virgo

August 29 - Mercury enters Virgo

August 30 - New Moon in Virgo at 7 degrees              

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PERFECT TIMING.....The Angel Card Pull For August. This message holds the wisdom of the concept of time and when we accelerate our movements forward. The Sun trines Jupiter Rx on August 7, 2019 bringing a very smooth sailing day for all. Perfect to present any offer. Then on August 8, 2019 Venus trines Jupiter Rx to validate your value and love with anything you want to manifest. Also, Mercury has now gone direct in Cancer and will be up to speed after August 11, 2019. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion,, will turn direct in Sagittarius on August 11, 2019 as well, after being retrograde since April 10, 2019. This is Perfect Timing as the planets make their way through your chart to bring about a happy and healthy change for the better. Make your moves before the Full Aquarian Moon. This Sturgeon Full Moon will be showing its temper due to Uranus, Aquarians ruler, turning retrograde and arguing with Mercury. Some upcoming dramatic surprises may not always be grand. Want to know more? Click on Selection of Services and book a session with me. Use the Summer Special Sale Button and SAVE. Blessings! Kimla